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Recycled Dust Bunnies

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Dust Bunnies is an ongoing installation by American artist Suzanne Proulx featuring rabbit figures sculpted from the artist’s household dust and lint. The project contains other elements of the artist and her family’s lives, including toenail clippings, flakes of skin and hair.

“The original impulse for Dust Bunnies was a humorous one, thinking about how dust bunnies seemed to invade my house and multiply just as wild rabbits were infesting the neighborhood, eating my newly-planted annuals in early spring,” explains Proulx.  “As I worked on the rabbits, they started to take on a different meaning.  As I sewed pieces of lint and balls of dust onto them, I become like a household forensic scientist, noticing bits and pieces of detritus that mark events in our house and the passing of time.”

It takes several months to make each Dust Bunny as the artist needs to accumulate enough vacuum dirt and lint to construct the piece.

Rabbits are symbols of life and re-birth in many cultures, explains Proulx.  “ In a sense they are also about re-birth and renewal, as I take what has been shed, cast off, thrown away, no longer alive or needed and create something new.”

Proulx works primarily with recycled and reclaimed materials. She has created popular and memorable installations from grapefruit peels, orange peels, tea bags, coffee filters, discarded stuffed animals, human hair and baby teeth.

Visit: www.suzanneproulx.com