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Shipping Container Offices

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Shipping containers are becoming increasingly common as a building material with container projects springing up around the globe. They are not so common in North America but that is about to change.

The vibrantly colored Box Office is a new green office and studio building project constructed from 32 recycled shipping containers in Providence, Rhode Island.

The Joe Haskett-designed, Peter Gill Case owned, 12 office/studio spaces, was developed by Truth Box Inc and Distill Studio and will be built by Stack Design Build.

“There are thousands of empty shipping containers piling up in U.S. ports because of our nation's ongoing trade deficit," explained Peter Gill Case from Truth Box Inc. "Containers offer a timely opportunity to promote green building principals and offer high quality design in an economy that demands affordable options.

The Box Office project offers a slew of green features and is designed to use 25% less energy than a conventional building. High performance windows and doors provide extra insulation, high efficiency heat pumps provide economical heating and cooling, energy recovery ventilators (ERV) will be used to conserve energy and to provide fresh air, and low-energy light fixtures and daylight will be harvested to reduce electrical usage.  The Box Office project will not use fossil fuels.

Green lease incentives are available for tenants to promote energy conservation and savings.

The project recently broke ground and is expected to be completed in March 2010.

Visit: www.boxoffice460.com

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