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The Archipod Garden Pod

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The Archipod Garden Pod.

Need more space? The spherical, ergonomic Archipod Garden Pod (pronounced ‘ark-ee-pod’) makes a perfect addition to your garden. The prefabricated, UK-designed, 3m (9ft 10”) diameter pod offers all the conveniences of an office or extra room located outside your front or back door.


The Archipod Garden Pod.

The Archipod’s cedar shingle exterior fits well into any natural environment while the interior plastered walls ensure the Archipod is a bright space for working or resting. The Archipod’s interior features a large skylight, 700mm (2ft 3”) ergonomic semicircular desk with space for storage and an electric panel heater and data outlet for Internet and phone lines.

Visit: http://www.archipod.co.uk/