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The Eco-Wine Pavilion

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The Eco-Wine Pavilion by Michael Jantzen.

A wine pavilion powered by wind and solar energy is the latest design concept from Michael Jantzen.

The Eco-Wine Pavilion by Michael Jantzen.

Inspired by a trellis draped with grapes, the Eco-Wine Pavilion is designed for use in temperate climates and functions as a wine tasting space and special events facility. The structure is formed from a set of pre-fabricated glass and steel components. A series of steel arches and horizontal supports are clad with glass panels, some of which can be automatically opened and closed in order to create natural ventilation throughout the interior space.

The Eco-Wine Pavilion by Michael Jantzen.

Flexible photovoltaic material covers part of the roof, generating energy for use inside the pavilion. Additional electricity is supplied via a large vertical axis wind turbine mounted near the structure.

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