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Green Float City Project

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The Green Float Project.

The Green Float Project is a highly ambitious amphibious development that involves the large-scale construction of numerous artificial rafts to make an enormous sustainable floating city and support the world’s tallest building - a 1km (3,300ft) high tower.

The Green Float Project.

Designed to expand organically, the Green Float Project is modeled after a water lily that floats on the surface of the ocean and includes just about everything a community needs to live sustainably on the water. The ocean development includes residential areas with A City in The Sky located 700-1000m (2,300-3,300ft) above the waterline and a Waterside Resort community with oceanside townhouses. The residential zone can accommodate roughly 50,000 inhabitants.

Vertical farms and the huge circular base will be devoted to mangrove plantations, grain fields and livestock ranches to fed the city’s inhabitants.

The carbon neutral Green Float Project operates on a range of sustainable energies harvested from the natural elements including solar, wave, wind and ocean thermal energy conversion.

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