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Vertical Living Tiles

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Lifewall modular garden tiles by Ceracasa.

Living Lifewall modular garden tiles, created by Spanish-based Ceracasa, quickly turn a building into a stunning vertical garden. The Lifewalls are also designed to work in conjunction with a second tile – Bionictile – that converts air pollution into fertilizer to sustain the vertical garden. The 1sq.m (10.8sq.ft) tiles are designed to house a number of plant species and stay hydrated via drip irrigation.


Lifewall modular garden tiles by Ceracasa.

The best thing about the Lifewall and Bionictile tiles, aside from the numerous green benefits, are that they are easy to use due to their modular design, allowing for the creation of interesting and detailed patterns of living air-cleaning gardens on existing or new buildings.

Visit: http://www.ceracasa.com/

Via Inhabitat