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The Solar Party Pavilion

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ART.Rainbow from Gualeni Design.

Powered by solar energy, the ART.Rainbow pavilion, from Italy-based Gualeni Design, offers users a psychedelic party experience.

ART.Rainbow from Gualeni Design.

Designed to provide shade during the day and collect solar energy, at night the colorful pavilion transforms into solar-powered lightshow.

“Take the energy, use the energy and enjoy the energy in an intelligent way, that’s the only important concept to understand, the concept of a renewable energy source,” explains Gualeni of their design.

ART.Rainbow from Gualeni Design.

Constructed from a transparent composite material, the ART.Rainbow modular colored panels can be changed and adapted to accommodate each party or event’s themes.

Visit: http://www.dxtroy.com/

Via Inhabitat