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Temporary Green Building

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Who says a temporary building has to be ugly or wasteful? Vector Architects have come up with an innovative eco-design for the CR Land Guanganmen Green Technology Showroom in Beijing, China. Their steel structure building features grass panels and a green roof with integrated irrigation systems. The building will be used for 3 years as one of the CR Land’s Residential projects.

The designers explain that, “The idea is to develop the concept of “Temporary” from a meaningful perspective, to design a piece of floating “installation” in the garden, which could be built, demolished, and recycled through an easy and straightforward way with the least impact to the planned site”.

The architects chose a location that would have minimal impact on the designed landscape construction; minimal impact on planned pedestrian circulation; and easy demolition and site recovery after use.

The choice to use a steel structure as the main structural system of the building means the structure materials can be reused when the building is demolished. The decision to elevate the building results in a reduction of excavation and foundation work; allowing easy demolition and site recovery after the project is completed.

Perhaps the greenest features are the vertical grass wall panel system and green roof that make up the building envelope. Their innovative designs have a host of eco-benefits including the reduction of heat gain and loss with enhanced thermal efficiency, grass panels that reduce storm water runoff, and the design resulted in an increase in the original planting area by creating the grass panels on the roof and building facades. The grass wall panel will be relocated as a partial fence for the residential compound after the temporary building is demolished.