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The Office Pod

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Creating a home office greatly reduces your work carbon footprint by eliminating greenhouse gases created during travel and commuting.

The 2.1m x 2.1m British OfficePOD is an inventive design that allows workers to have a home office without all the associated high construction costs.

Easy to install in your garden or larger property, the self-contained OfficePOD (except for power generation and toilet) does not require planning permission in most locations and the modular design means speedy installation. Perhaps best of all, being an OfficePOD employee means there is an estimated 46% to 67% reduction of CO2 emissions versus a traditional office employee’s work-related carbon footprint.

The POD offers a desk space, shelves, connection for telephone and internet; and each POD corner office has its own window.

The OfficePOD will be available in January 2010.

Visit: http://www.officepod.co.uk/