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Aniston Bottled Water Ban

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Time to tell Jennifer Aniston and Tom Brady to stop pushing bottled water on the masses. Reducing bottled water consumption is an important part of a hot new documentary – Tapped, directed by Stephanie Soechtig. Tapped examines the bottled water industry and its ugly effects on our health, the environment, pollution, climate change, water rights, and our continued reliance on foreign oil.

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The filmmakers are also running a campaign encouraging people to tell movie actress Jennifer Aniston and New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady (married to top model and green gal Gisele Bündchen) to stop endorsing bottled water. Both Jennifer Aniston and Tom Brady are spokespeople for Glaceau’s Smart Water, though Aniston has invested in the company and is regularly seen plugging the bottled water via an omni-present plastic Smart Water bottle, billboards and print advertisement campaigns.

“Jennifer Aniston says she drinks a “minimum” of 4 bottles of Smart Water a day. That’s 1,456 bottles a year,” explains Tapped on their website of their campaign to get Aniston to stop endorsing bottled water.

Visit: http://www.tappedthemovie.com/