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Matt Damon Supports Bullfighting

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Matt Damon/Wikipedia.

Yuck! I thought Matt Damon was so cool, but he apparently has zero interest in animal welfare. The American actor and founder of the charity www.Water.org, is normally thought of as the ultimate in good guy and somehow manages to keep his image, without a lot of work, squeaky clean, but I am sure he is going to get some backlash for attending a recent bullfight at La Monumental Stadium in Mexico City. During a break from filming Elysium in Mexico, he took in the fight with a group of friends.

“Each year, approximately 250,000 bulls die in bullfights, an inaccurate term for events in which there is very little competition between a nimble, sword-wielding matador (Spanish for ‘killer’) and a confused, maimed, psychologically tormented, and physically debilitated animal,” explains American animal rights’ organization PETA.

However, clearly times are changing for Damon who is also scheduled to appear with Scarlet Johansson in We Bought a Zoo - a film that will also feature an extensive number of live captive animals.

Via DailyMail & Ecozazzi