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Isabella Rossellini Seduce Me

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Isabella Rossellini in Green Porno.

Iconic actress Isabella Rossellini has a new irreverent animal sex show – Seduce Me on The Sundance Channel. After her highly successful three seasons of Green Porno, exploring the sexual mating rituals of everything from a spider to a preying mantis to a snail, Rossellini has now set her sights on explaining the courting rituals of nature's quirkiest in Seduce Me.

“After my comical series Green Porno, on how animals mate, I wanted to showcase a new series about how animals seduce each other with different, varied and incredible strategies…they might give us some new ideas about how to conquer our mates,” explains Rossellini.

The five part series, written, directed and starring Rossellini includes the love rituals of the duck, salmon, bed bug, cuttlefish and snake.

Seduce Me premieres on April 20, 2010 on The Sundance Channel.

Visit: www.sundancechannel.com