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Penelope Cruz Hot Without Fur

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Penelope Cruz For PETA's Anti-Fur Campaign.

Penelope Cruz looks hot in the new PETA advert against the use of fur, with 70ft (21.3m) tall ads placed in New York, London and Milan. In Manhattan, New York the Madison Square Garden billboard was unveiled just in time for Fashion Week. In Cruz’s “Give fur the cold shoulder” shoot, the Spanish actress is looking over her shoulder with quite the mesmerizing visage.

PETA has scored another big name, an Oscar-winning actress, fashion icon, mum, animal lover and also a clothing designer in concert with her sister (the sisters design a fur-free clothing line for Spanish-based Mango clothing store).

Penelope Cruz joins Michelle Obama, Eva Mendez and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, in speaking out against wearing fur.

Warning: extremely graphic video of fur trade in China via the PETA link.

Via PETA & Daily Mail