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BMW Megacity Vehicle

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The BMW Megacity Vehicle (MCV).

The new BMW Megacity Vehicle (MCV) is an all-electric urban vehicle with a scheduled release date of 2013. The all-electric propulsion system allows the designers to relocate passenger, chassis, and propulsion components compared to a conventional gas or diesel powered vehicle layout. Using lightweight yet stiff carbon-fiber reinforced plastic body panels gives the designers the opportunity to create a sporty-looking small automobile.

Utilizing info gathered from their MINI-E all-electric vehicle leases, BMW found that the 250km (150 mile) range on a single battery charge appears to satisfy most users. Some web-reports are suggesting the new MCV will feature a 100-kilowatt (134-hp) electric motor, giving a 90mph (145kph) top speed. An aluminum chassis that carries the batteries and a rear mounted electric drive motor help with weight distribution.

With instant torque from zero speed, no exhaust emissions, no gearbox, no stopping at gas stations, and with much lower per kilometer running costs, the MCV (and all electric cars) seem like a great idea.

BMW are also bringing to market in 2011 an electric BMW 1-Series called the BMW Concept ActiveE, which promises all-electric driving in a more conventionally designed vehicle.