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Tree-Sitters Protest Mountaintop Removal Mining

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Tree-sitters continue to oppose mountaintop removal coal mining from high up in the trees at a Massey Energy mine in Coal River Valley, West Virginia. The two Red Creek protesters, Nick Stocks and Laura Steepleton, are perched on a platform at the edge of the Edwight Mine site above Pettry Bottom and Peachtree in Raleigh County. Today (August 26, 2009) is day two of their anti-mountain top removal protest.

Two other activists, Kim Ellis and Zoe Beavers were on the ground below the tree-sitters, but were arrested at noon on Tuesday (August 25, 2009).

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The protesters are refusing to leave the area until Virginia-based Massey Energy stops blasting and compensates residents for home repair and health care.

The tree-sitters are 30ft (9.1m) from the mine and 300ft (91m) from the blasting area. State law prohibits blasting at the mine when people are too close.

The protestors are affiliated with Climate Ground Zero and Mountain Justice.

Visit: http://climategroundzero.org/