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Paving Stone Kinetic Energy

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Laurence Kemball-Cook's Pavegen System.

British inventor Laurence Kemball-Cook’s flexible, recycled rubber Pavegen stones, harness the kinetic energy of people walking on busy city streets. According to Kemball-Cook’s research, an estimated 50,000 pedestrians step on a typical paving stone on a busy street each day.

Each time someone steps on the flexible rubber Pavegen stone it flexes and creates kinetic energy. Each slab generates 2.1 watts per hour when located in an area with high footfall based on a hit rate of a footstep every four to ten seconds. Testing at trial sites has shown that five hours of walking at peak time will generate enough power to illuminate a bus stop for twelve hours.

Laurence Kemball-Cook's Pavegen System. 
The Pavegen System has the potential to supply renewable green energy to power automatic doors, lights, public information systems, ticket-machines in busy urban areas such as city streets, airports and schools.

Currently trials are scheduled for several locations in the UK for early 2010.

Visit: http://www.pavegen.com/

Via World Architecture News