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Solar Powered Soccer Ball

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World's First Solar Powered Football by Greendix.

Taiwan-based Greendix solar panel designer and manufacturer recently released images of the world’s first solar powered soccer ball . The traditional black pentagonal-shaped leather patches, which make a soccer ball instantly recognizable, have been replaced with solar cells of the same size and shape.

“The main goal of this project was to prove that solar panels can be integrated into any object that we interact with on a daily basis and to push the limits of what is possible with solar panels,” explained Joseph Lin from Greendix.

The ball's solar panels power the built-in motion sensors and audio device, which could possibly enable visually impaired people to play soccer/football. The ball prototypes emit a tracking sound each time they get kicked.

“We hope this solar football will strike the imagination of designers everywhere as solar power can now be seamlessly integrated into any imaginable device. In the future, footballs could be integrated with other sensors or LEDs and get their power from the sun,” added Michael Yu at Sonelis Technologies. California-based Sonelis Technologies is handling the distribution for the Greendix produce line.

Visit: www.Sonelis.com