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eddy GT Urban Turbine

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eddy GT from Urban Green Energy.

Perfect for the modern urban space, the Urban Green Energy designed eddy GT turbine offers a quiet alternative to the traditional personal turbines.

Easy to assemble, the 1kW VAWT eddy GT delivers energy security through a grid-tie inverter, with a low start-up speed, whisper-quiet operation and a vertical axis design that ensures power can be generated regardless of the wind direction. The eddy GT can be mounted on either a pole or a rooftop.

eddy GT from Urban Green Energy.

With a price tag of US$7,000 (€5,380), the eddy GT has the ability to generate its 1kW while only taking up 40sq.ft (3.7sq.m) of space.

Visit: http://www.urbangreenenergy.com/

Via PRWEB & Inhabitat