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The Sphere Refugee Tent

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German designer Felix Stark has created an innovative refugee tent design concept to address both the physical and psychological needs of individuals in disaster areas. The Sphere concept is comprised of 19 units of tents; the partition walls can be unbuttoned to create larger sections for extended families or remained buttoned for individual occupation. The center of the Sphere is constructed as a social place for single families and inhabitants to gather for cooking or visiting.

Stark believes that often the emphasis is placed on just surviving, which can result in a resignation from society.  His innovative design operates to not only provide shelter from extreme elements, but also to re-establish feelings of security and companionship without compromising privacy.

Additionally, the designer has thought through the recycling and reuse of the Sphere material. “The concept of Sphere allows for a step by step recycling once its original function has come to an end,” explains Stark. “The idea is based on the experience that any kind of building materials are rare in disaster areas and that available materials are used for purposes other than intended.”

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