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The Green Cricket Trailer

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The Cricket Trailer by Garrett Finney.

The Cricket Trailer is the ultimate eco-camping trailer. Designed by former NASA ‘space’ architect Garrett Finney, the 15ft (4.6m) long foldable vehicle has everything a green camper needs, including a bed, stainless steel sink, shower, toilet & stove.

The Cricket Trailer by Garrett Finney.

“The efficiency of the Cricket is systemic: we’re endeavoring to create an overall system with the smallest footprint. Being lightweight and aerodynamic translates to lower gas usage and ease of use… selling you only what you need furthers that efficiency,” explains the Cricket Trailer website.

The Cricket Trailer by Garrett Finney.

Priced in the range of US$10,000 to US$17,000 (€7,800-€13,260), each Cricket Trailer is built to order.

Visit: http://crickettrailer.com/

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