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Most dentists recommend you change your toothbrush every 3 months. The unfortunate part of good dental hygiene is most toothbrushes are made from plastic and are not recyclable.

If you think that a person lives an estimated 85 years (with teeth intact), they could potentially brush their way through an estimated 340 toothbrushes in their lifetime. If you think of the current combined North American population of 339.2million people (33.5million Canadians and 305.million Americans) and if everyone lived to be 85 and discarded 340 toothbrushes in their lifetimes, more than 115.328billion toothbrushes will potentially end up in the landfill.

Increasingly, environmentalists are seeking out greener solutions to the plastic toothbrush dilemma. Some eco toothbrushes offer replaceable bristle heads so only the toothbrush head is discarded and not the entire toothbrush. Other companies offer sustainable toothbrush handles made from recycled flax, yoghurt containers, wood and even old dollar bills.

The most dedicated environmentalists choose natural dental options like rinsing with Tea tree oil and water or brushing their teeth with the root of the Araak Tree. The Araak root contains natural nutrients like fluorine and silicon, vitamin C, sulphur, sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate and calcium oxides (all of which greatly whiten and strengthen tooth enamel).

If you wish to extend the lifespan of your existing plastic toothbrush, before switching to a greenr option, make sure you boil it to prevent bacteria overgrowth.


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