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Recycled Bicycle Xmas Tree

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Bermondsey Square Tree by Sarah Wigglesworth Architects.

At this time of year there are no end of artists and innovators creating seasonal cheer from alternative materials. UK-based Sarah Wigglesworth Architects built the eco-friendly Bermondsey Square Christmas Tree from 35 recycled bicycle wheels to raise awareness about Re-Cycle, a UK-based charity that recycled bicycles and sends them to Africa.

The unique Xmas tree was commissioned by igloo developers and took a week to create and a few hours to install in the bustling square. The recycled wheel Christmas art installation also includes donated reflectors to add seasonal ambiance without consuming electricity.

“We hope the tree's presence in the square will contribute to a number of measures we are taking to actively encourage cycling in London,” explained David Roberts from igloo.

Visit: http://www.swarch.co.uk/