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Recycled Roadkill Hats

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Scottish milliner James Faulkner.

Turning roadkill into stylish hats is the occupation of Scottish milliner James Faulkner. Although recycling dead animals into upmarket headwear does seem a bit gruesome, Faulkner believes he is turning something ugly into something beautiful when he recycles dead animals.

"It started when my friend wanted to buy a hat for her wedding. Without thinking, I said I'd make one, then I instantly panicked, but one day I was walking along the road and I spotted a magpie in quite a sorry state. I knew that my friend's dress was black and white so I thought it could work,” explains Faulkner in a Telegraph UK interview.

The unusual milliner does all the ‘processing’ of the roadkill himself.

"Essentially, I feel like I am turning something sad into something quite stylish, and I think it's good that the animal doesn't just rot on the road."

Thirty-six of his animal hats will debut at the Edinburgh's Telford College fashion show on May 14, 2010.

Via Telegraph UK