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Sustainable Furniture Guide

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You have finished building your green dream home from rammed earth or recycled tires, or maybe you have just worked diligently to green your existing home by adding solar panels and a geo-thermal heat pump. Greening our buildings is an important contribution to climate change, but so is carefully choosing sustainable furniture to complete our homes.

The Rainforest Alliance has created a free 78-page guide to sustainable furniture. The Smart Guide to Sustainable Furniture & FSC-Certified Products is a detailed guide to indoor and outdoor home furnishings, commercial furniture, institutional furniture, dimensional lumber (softwood and hardwood), millwork, moldings and trim, veneers, cabinets and casework, importers and brokers.

The Sustainable Furniture Guide offers a wide range of sumptuous furniture options for the green home, ranging from beautiful kitchen cabinets, bedroom sets, butcher blocks, office furniture, shelving, custom doors and patio furniture.

Sustainable wood generally refers to wood from carefully managed forests. Where the forest integrity is protected and the logs are harvested without damaging the overall well being of the forest. In order to earn the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification, an organization must adapt its operations to conform to the FSC requirements. These FSC requirements include both forest management and labour practices to ensure the relationships between the environmental, community and indigenous peoples are sustainable.

Driven in part by the success of the green building movement and the resulting emphasis on sustainable homes, many design professionals and homeowners are trying to create living spaces that reflect their personal values as well as their tastes, explains the Rainforest Alliance.

The Smart Guide to Sustainable Furniture was created for: furniture manufacturers looking for sustainable wood products available in North America; and buyers looking for furniture that is made from sustainably managed wood.

The Rainforest Alliance also publishes a Smart Guide to Green Building Resources.

Visit: http://www.rainforest-alliance.org/