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Thirsty Texting Plants

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The humble plant.

Even though houseplants add so much to our lives – eliminating carbon dioxide, producing oxygen and even cheering up the most dismal of rooms – all too often the humble houseplant is the object of neglect. The ability to better connect with your hardworking houseplants just got a tad easier with a new invention that allows you to receive simple messages and communications from your plants.

Botanicalls, a soil-moisture sensor device, allows the plant to send messages to its owner via cellphone or Twitter, explaining water requirements (not enough water or too much water) and even sends a thank you when everything is just right.

The Botanicalls system works via electric wave probes buried in the soil and sends a wireless signal to a microcontroller circuit board comparing optimum water levels to current soil conditions. The plant then ‘sends’ its message via a local network.

Visit: http://www.botanicalls.com/

Via ScienceDaily