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Enormous Chrysanthemum

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The Thousand Bloom Chrysanthemum at the Longwood Gardens.

Giving new meaning to flower power, an enormous 11ft. (3.36m) wide Chrysanthemum, featuring 991 booms, is the belle of the annual Chrysanthemum Festival at Pennsylvania’s Longwood Gardens.

“A Thousand Bloom Chrysanthemum is one of the biggest wonders in the world of flowers,” said Longwood Gardens' director Paul Redman. “Each year the challenge to grow one of the world’s largest mums is one of the most intensive horticultural efforts we engage in here at Longwood.”

Taking more than 18-months to grow, the rigorous growing practice includes watering, pinching and tying chrysanthemum to a customized wire frame to train the plant to grow into the desired dome shape. Let’s hope it also didn't’ require buckets of pesticide.

The Chrysanthemum Festival continues until November 21, 2010 at Longwood Gardens.

Visit: www.longwoodgardens.org

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