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Blue Moon New Year

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Image of a Blue Moon.

There hasn’t been a Blue Moon on New Year’s Eve for more than twenty-nine years and we won’t see another one until 2028 so revelers should make the most of it. A Blue Moon isn’t blue in color but rather the name refers to the phenomena of a second full moon in a calendar month – the first full moon was on December 2, 2009.

With clear skies the full moon is going to be spectacular, just the right setting for an auspicious start to a better 2010, but your ability to enjoy the last Blue Moon of 2009 depends upon where you are located on the planet. The New Year’s Eve 2009 Blue Moon will only be available to part-goers in the US, Canada, Europe, South America and Africa.

It is customary to make a wish on a Blue Moon.  So if you gaze upon the Blue Moon on New Year’s Eve – let’s make a wish, a promise, or a prayer for a better world tomorrow.