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Solar Rainbow Machine

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The Rainbow Machine by Michael Jones McKean.

Professor Michael Jones McKean of the Virginia Commonwealth University Sculpture and Extended Media Dept., has perfected a rainbow making machine that uses reclaimed rainwater and natural sunlight.

The Rainbow Machine by Michael Jones McKean.

After working on his rainbow making device for eight years, McKean settled on using solar powered water-jet pumps and fountain nozzles to create fine mist sprays, the sunlight is refracted just like in naturally occurring rainbows, creating an artificial rainbow that has the same beauty (though less mystery) as nature’s own rainbow creation.

The Rainbow Machine by Michael Jones McKean.

McKean created a prismatic rainbow 80ft (24.3m) wide and 30ft (9.1m) tall over his studio building in Richmond, Virginia. The rainbow used 80 gallons of water that was continuously re-captured and re-circulated using the buildings water/gutter system.

McKean’s Rainbow Project is going to be re-created at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, Nebraska in June 2011 for 15 minutes twice a day.

Via Michael Jones McKean & DVICE


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