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The Green Lake near the Hochschwab Mountains, Tragoess, Styria, Austria is home to a peculiar park, one that you can walk through during the winter but must swim through in the summer.

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Skydrops Water Balloons http://www.greenmuze.com/nature/water/4172-skydrops-water-balloons.html http://www.greenmuze.com/nature/water/4172-skydrops-water-balloons.html Skydrops from Guilherme Rodrigues and Murilo Gomes.

Skydrops, from designers Guilherme Rodrigues and Murilo Gomes, offers a simple but innovative solution for water catchment. Engineered to harvest water from the sky, these helium balloons spin in the wind to create energy to cool metallic sheets.

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World Water Week Posters http://www.greenmuze.com/nature/water/4144-world-water-week-posters-.html http://www.greenmuze.com/nature/water/4144-world-water-week-posters-.html World Water Week Competition.

People cannot live without water, yet almost 900 million people worldwide lack access to clean drinking water. In a bid to raise more awareness about the importance of water during the annual World Water Week (August 21-27, 2011), artists from around the globe contributed art interpreting the important message of “Water is Life”.

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Quasar Water Reservoir http://www.greenmuze.com/nature/water/4083-quasar-water-reservoir.html http://www.greenmuze.com/nature/water/4083-quasar-water-reservoir.html Image courtesy NASA.

A super massive quasar holds the largest reservoir of water discovered in the universe. Researchers working at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) recently made this discovery.

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Minnesota Ice Sculptures http://www.greenmuze.com/nature/water/3622-minnesota-ice-sculptures-.html http://www.greenmuze.com/nature/water/3622-minnesota-ice-sculptures-.html Hanson’s Winter Water Wonder.

Minnesota resident Roger Hanson builds ice castles and glacier-like structures in his backyard using wastewater from his geothermal heating system.

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Water Waste Photography http://www.greenmuze.com/nature/water/3551-water-waste-photography.html http://www.greenmuze.com/nature/water/3551-water-waste-photography.html Don’t Play With Water by Tomas Kauneckas.

Wasting water is no laughing matter and may even result in death according to famed Lithuanian photographer Tomas Kauneckas. In his new campaign ‘Don’t Play With Water’, the artist employs graphic images of conflict to show how society must pay attention to our rapidly dwindling water supplies, and how beauty and humanity whither when our basic necessities are no longer available.

]]> Water Sat, 12 Feb 2011 05:20:15 +0000 Stunning Water Art http://www.greenmuze.com/nature/water/3394-stunning-water-art-.html http://www.greenmuze.com/nature/water/3394-stunning-water-art-.html Water artist Shinichi Maruyama.

Humble H2O is transformed at the nimble hands of Japanese artist and photographer Shinichi Maruyama into stunning works of impermanent art.

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Moon Water Discovery http://www.greenmuze.com/nature/water/3151-moon-water-discovery.html http://www.greenmuze.com/nature/water/3151-moon-water-discovery.html NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO).

NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) detected water-ice, hydrogen, mercury, carbon monoxide, calcium and magnesium when the Lunar Crater Remote Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) impacted the Moon's Cabeus Crater near the lunar south pole.

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Israeli Water Meter Aerial Drones http://www.greenmuze.com/nature/water/2965-israeli-water-meter-aerial-drones.html http://www.greenmuze.com/nature/water/2965-israeli-water-meter-aerial-drones.html Aerial Drone. Image: Wikipedia.

Arad Metering Technologies, an Israeli based company, is proposing to monitor customer’s water consumption using battery-operated aerial drones. Israel has a high tech aerospace industry that pioneered the use of unmanned aerial drones for the military, and is a country that has a limited water resource, so it makes strange sense to use the high tech military gear to help conserve water. Detecting when there is a major water leak is important, as is ensuring people conserve, or even preventing people stealing increasingly precious water. ]]> Water Mon, 23 Aug 2010 03:42:13 +0000 UNICEF Dirty Water Vending Machine http://www.greenmuze.com/nature/water/2872-unicef-dirty-water-vending-machine-.html http://www.greenmuze.com/nature/water/2872-unicef-dirty-water-vending-machine-.html UNICEF’s Dirty Water Campaign.

Typhoid, malaria, cholera and hepatitis are just a few of the 'flavored' drinking waters available from UNICEF’s Dirty Water vending machine.  Created to raise awareness about the reality of the more than one billion people around the world that lack access to safe, clean drinking water, UNICEF’s Dirty Water vending machine located in Manhattan, offered eight diseased water 'flavors' (malaria, cholera, typhoid, dengue, hepatitis, dysentery, salmonella, and yellow fever) of water for US$1 (€0.75) a bottle. ]]> Water Mon, 26 Jul 2010 04:47:36 +0000