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Minnesota Ice Sculptures

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Hanson’s Winter Water Wonder.

Minnesota resident Roger Hanson builds ice castles and glacier-like structures in his backyard using wastewater from his geothermal heating system.

Hanson’s Winter Water Wonder.

Dubbed Hanson’s Winter Water Wonder project, each year the self-taught artist creates enormous ice sculptures combining wastewater and a computer controlled water-spraying robot made from two antenna rotators.

Hanson’s Winter Water Wonder.

“I started these projects back in 2007 for basically for my own curiosity as to what I could do with the expelled water from my geothermal heating system,” explains Hanson. “It is very satisfying to develop something that people have an appreciation for. This has caused me to have even more enthusiasm in creating these projects and set goals each year to make it bigger and better.”

Hanson’s Winter Water Wonder.

This year’s impermanent ice sculpture is roughly 64ft (19.5m) in height and 85ft (26m) wide.

Visit: http://winterwaterwonder.com/

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