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Mark your calendars – it’s that time of year again, when the best chefs and food producers in our local communities come together to put on the delectable Feast of Fields event.

Local Tue, 04 Sep 2012 06:10:20 +0000
The Wheat Grass Machine The Transform Bar by Kacey Wong.

The Transform Bar, by Hong Kong-based artist Kacey Wong, is a recycled wood hawker booth where you can grow wheat grass and Wong will make you healthy juices from fresh produce.

Urban Tue, 19 Jun 2012 17:06:39 +0000
To Bee Or Not To Bee Honeybee.

Canada has been suffering unusually high losses of bees each winter since 2006. That’s the year when a new and unexplained set of symptoms called Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) began to be recognized. The impact to the hive colony was the large-scale disappearance of the worker bees.

Organic Mon, 18 Jun 2012 04:35:35 +0000
Baguette Furniture The Bread Experience from Studio Rygalik. Images: Nick Albert/Kollektiv Fischka.

Is there anything worse than a stale baguette? Only when it ends up in the garbage! Polish designers Gosia and Tomek Rygalik (Studio Rygalik) upcycled old baguettes to create tables dubbed the Bread Experience. The unusual table were made for the Vienna Design Week Laboratory.

Urban Wed, 11 Apr 2012 06:13:25 +0000
New Purple Strawberries The Purple Wonder Strawberries from Cornell University.

The Purple Wonder strawberry, from Cornell University horticulturists, recently impressed everyone at the Philadelphia International Flower Show with its color and taste.

Urban Sun, 11 Mar 2012 15:08:19 +0000
Spain's Volcanic Cuisine El Diablo Restaurant in Spain.

If you want to enjoy a meal cooked on an unusual stove, El Diablo Restaurant on Spain's Island of Lanzarote is a perfect choice – the restaurant uses energy from a volcano that last erupted in 1824.

Local Wed, 07 Mar 2012 09:05:56 +0000
The Skyfarm Garden The Skyfarm from Manuel Dreesmann.

The Skyfarm by German designer Manuel Dreesmann allows people to grow food in their own home. The hanging spherical gardens offer city dwellers fresh greens without the carbon footprint and pollution of long distance transport.

Local Thu, 01 Mar 2012 02:23:55 +0000
African Root Beer Impala Beer from SABMiller.

SABMiller, a large worldwide brewing company, makes Impala Beer from local African ingredients using a mobile Dutch processing unit (from the Dutch Agricultural and Trading Company, DADTCO).

Local Fri, 20 Jan 2012 06:10:21 +0000
World's Largest Coffee Cup The World's Largest Coffee Cup.

Although I think the last thing our jacked-up, over-stimulated society needs is larger portions of java, the folks at McPhee’s Products seem to think bigger is better – particularly when it comes to caffeine.

]]> Urban Wed, 11 Jan 2012 05:17:37 +0000 Versatile Lunch Kit Food Kit by Sabine Staggl.

To help promote healthier living, and encourage people to bring their own food to the office, the Sabine Staggl designed food kit includes a plate, cutting board and a bowl, which can also be used as food containers. The carrier bag also doubles as a tablecloth.

Urban Sat, 31 Dec 2011 06:21:04 +0000