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Anti-GMO Rice Art

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Greenpeace's organic rice sculpture.

An organic Rice Art Sculpture was recently unveiled in Ratchaburi province in Thailand’s Central Planes to honor rice production in Thailand while at the same time reminding the Thai Government to protect the country’s most important food crop from the threat of genetic engineering.

The Rice Art Sculpture occupies an area of 10 rai (about 4 acres) and depicts farmers wearing straw hats and using sickles to harvest rice.  The sculpture is made with two varieties of organic rice and planted by local community together with Greenpeace supporters, volunteers and activists.

Thailand is among the top rice producers in the world.

Greenpeace's organic rice sculpture.

Greenpeace believes that Thailand, by protecting its valuable rice heritage, can become the leader in sustainable rice farming.  The best way to do this is to safeguard our rice against risky ‘technologies’ like genetic engineering, and point the way toward productive and ecological farming methods that are not dependent on harmful chemical inputs,” said Natwipha Ewasakul, Greenpeace Southeast Asia, Sustainable Agriculture Campaigner.

Greenpeace is demanding that the Thai Government issue a ban on GMOs (genetically modified organisms), particularly GMO rice. 

Via Greenpeace