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Canadian Genetically Engineered Apple

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Browning apple.

An apple a day will soon keep Frankenstein away. Particularly if Canadian Okanagan Specialty Fruits of Summerland has its way. The privately held biotechnology company has recently approached the USDA to approve a non-browning genetically engineered apple.

The British Columbia company describes a naturally browned apple as “unattractive”, explaining that non-brown apples are necessary “as consumers will be drawn to a non-browning apple for its appeal and convenience 
A non-browning apple will provide a more enjoyable eating experience and lead to increased consumption in many new ways...a non-browning apple will even produce a tastier, truer-coloured apple juice or sauce.”

The company plans to utilize a licensed non-browning Australian technology described as a “SF patented Polypheunol Oxidase (PPO) technology able to silence the browning reaction, to deliver a fruit that will not turn brown when cut or bruised.”

The ability to sell an older genetically engineered apple that doesn’t brown will have direct benefits for apple producers and sellers who will be able to significantly extend the life of their product. No word yet on what it does for humans.

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Via HuffingtonPost