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Spain's Volcanic Cuisine

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El Diablo Restaurant in Spain.

If you want to enjoy a meal cooked on an unusual stove, El Diablo Restaurant on Spain's Island of Lanzarote is a perfect choice – the restaurant uses energy from a volcano that last erupted in 1824.

The high temperature gas that vents from the volcano were turned into the stove heating in 1970 by the late Cesar Manrique who built a magnificent restaurant in the Timanfaya National Park with architects Eduardo Caceres and Jesus Soto, complete with a giant grill to barbeque meat and fish dishes at around 400°C.

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The foundations of the grill are volcanic basalt rock, for €50 (US$67) you can enjoy a three-course meal and a spectacular view over the volcanic mountains.

Visit: http://www.eldiablorestaurant.com/

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