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Organic Vodka Guide

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Vodka is a popular drink around the globe. The Russians like to drink it straight up and have even memorialized the virtues of the clear nectar in the Vodka Museum in Moscow. Eastern Europeans drink it neat. North Americans like to drink their vodka in a cocktail, although usually with just a dash of water added. Now vodka aficionados can choose from a wide array of organic options for their cocktails. In fact, the organic vodka market seems to be bending over backwards to see who can be the greenest vodka of them all. We have compiled a guide to the top organic vodkas on the market.

Square One Organic Vodka is made from 100% organic American rye and water from the Snake River watershed of the Teton Range in Wyoming. Their fermentation process is certified organic (unlike the conventional process that allows the use of GMO yeasts, chemical additives and synthetic de-foaming agents). They even have a green label made from a paper free blend of bamboo pulp, bagasse (sugar cane), and cotton. Square One is kosher as well. Owner majority is in female hands. http://www.squareonevodka.com/

Prairie Organic Vodka is certified organic and kosher from field to bottle. Prairie Organic Vodka is one of a handful of spirits certified kosher by the Orthodox Union and certified organic by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). Prairie Organic is free of chemical pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified seeds and artificial fertilizers or enzymes.

Prairie Organic Vodka is packaged in an unfrosted, recyclable glass bottle, packed in a cardboard box produced from sustainable forest wood pulp, and organic ink is used on their paper labels. http://www.prairievodka.com/

TRU Organic Spirits makes three types of handmade organic vodkas: TRU Straight is made with 100% certified organic wheat, TRU Lemon infused with organic California lemons and TRU Vanilla with hand scraped organic Bourbon vanilla beans. And perhaps best of all, the company also plants a tree for each bottle of vodka sold. http://www.truorganicspirits.com/

Purus is an Italian 100% organic wheat vodka made with crystalline water from the Italian Alps. Their packaging is also green with a 100% tree-free paper label, soy inks and water based adhesives. Purus is running a tree-planting program where it will plant a tree for each of the 100,000 adult visitors who register at their website. The trees will be planted in California, Florida and Texas. http://www.purusvodka.com/

Vodka 14 is an USDA certified organic vodka made with Rocky Mountain spring water. Vodka 14 goes beyond explaining that they don’t use GMOs, but also that their grain is farmed without sewage sludge fertilizers or chemical pesticides. Vodka 14 is also free from chemical additives, nitrates, chemical “blending agents” and the distillery does not use chemical cleaners whose residue can taint the vodka. All their packaging is 100% recyclable. http://www.vodka14.com/

Liquid Ice Vodka is made from a 100% certified organic blend of grains (wheat, corn, barley, rye and oat) and Snake River water in the USA. Liquid Ice Vodka is distilled four times and then filtered three times through lava rock. Also kosher. http://www.lipsimport.com/

Sunshine Vodka is made from 100% certified organic and GMO-free grain and pure Vermont spring water by Green Mountain Distillers. The organic grain is grown without chemical fertilizers by a family farm owned co-op. http://greenmountaindistillers.com/

Ocean Vodka is USDA organic approved and made with 100% Mahalo Hawaii Deep Seawater. This family business offers handcrafted vodka made with organic corn and rye. A portion of their profits are donated to ocean conservation organizations. http://www.oceanvodka.com/


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