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Indoor Vertical Urb Garden

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The Urb Garden by Xavier Calluaud.

The ingenious Urb Garden, more like a mini urban farm, is a vertical garden that comes complete with an integrated worm composting system.

Created by Australia industrial designer Xavier Calluaud, the Urb Garden lets city dwellers grow food in smaller spaces while also providing invaluable kitchen waste composting options.

The Urb Garden by Xavier Calluaud.

The Urb Garden’s composting system is simple to use. Kitchen scraps are fed to the worm farm and the resulting fertilizer, with the addition of water, is then fed to the plants via a drip system. The water filters through the Urb Garden soil and plants, and is then used again in this elegant and ingenious closed system indoor garden.

The Urb Garden by Xavier Calluaud.

Visit: http://www.coroflot.com/xcalluaud

Via: Inhabitat