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The Acid-Alkaline Diet Review

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The Acid-Alkaline Diet book cover.

The Acid Alkaline Diet, written by Swiss detoxification specialist and Naturopath doctor Christopher Vasey, is an excellent guide to understanding how an acidic diet (with an abundance of processed foods) may result in a wide range of health problems ranging from minor skin irritations, ulcers, chronic fatigue, back pain and arthritis, to ulcers and osteoporosis.

“To enjoy optimum health, the body needs balanced quantities of alkaline and acid substances,” writes author Vasey.

The Acid Alkaline Diet is designed to help readers understand if they are experiencing acid problems, how to lower body acidity through diet and eliminate and neutralize existing acids in the body. Each of the sections in the book provides easy to follow information, including detailed diet plans and food charts to assist readers in slowly making the transition to a healthier, less acidic lifestyle.

“Many organic balances are necessary for good health: those between activity and rest, inhalation and exhalation, venous and arterial blood, energy intake and expenditure, and the production and elimination of toxins,” explains Vasey in the first chapter of The Acid Alkaline Diet. “Just as it is detrimental to disturb any of these balances —for example, to eat more than the body needs or not rest enough to make up for daily activity —an excess of either acid or alkaline substances is very harmful to health.”

The Acid Alkaline Diet explains, in simple language, how acidity is measured, the different degrees of acidity in food and the body, how the body defends itself against acids and how acids can end up making the body sick.

“Whether there is an imbalance between acid and alkaline substances, whether in the body’s entire system or in a particular organ, the body is forced to react in self defence,” writes Vasey. “It has two means at its disposal to take action: to reduce the amount of the excessive substance by eliminating it from the body; and to particularly neutralize the substance by forming neutral salts with the help of the elements whose properties are the opposite of those causing the problem.”

However, acidity, like most imbalances, does not affect all individuals equally and often a number of different strategies are needed to eliminate acids successfully. Some more sensitive individuals suffer from what Vasey describes as a “…metabolic weakness that is particularly susceptible to acids.” These individuals must take additional precautions when eliminating acids from their diets.

The Acid-Alkaline Diet includes comprehensive lifestyle plans on how to eliminate acids from your diet and experience better health with a more alkaline body through diet and exercise. The book also contains detailed listings of food categories (acid/alkaline) and suggested meal plans to help individuals adjust to a more alkaline diet.

For individuals accustomed to consuming a diet high in processed food and other acidifying foods, switching to a more alkaline diet might take some getting used to. However, making an effort to minimize the components of an acidic western diet - comprised mainly of proteins, cereals, sugars and stimulants like tobacco, coffee, tea and alcohol — should end up with an individual seeing good results.

The Acid-Alkaline Diet For Optimum Health by Christopher Vasey is an excellent book, and an easy-to-follow addition to your library of health knowledge. We highly recommend it to any individual who is actively seeking a healthier lifestyle.

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