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eco-Design: The Sourcebook by Alastair Fuad-Luke

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It isn’t often a book is able to be meaningful, good-looking and actually useful — ecoDesign: The Sourcebook manages to be all these things.

ecoDesign is an intelligent rallying cry for the world to rethink current systems of design and start designing for a sustainable future. Author Alastair Fuad-Luke explains the importance of designing for the 21st century and finding solutions to minimize the effect of all the world’s current consumer products on the environment.

No small task considering the world’s current inequity of consumption, but one that seems increasingly possible with all the innovations on the market. Fuad-Luke offers an eco-pluralistic design manifesto, “The thoughtful designer of the 21st century will design with integrity, sensitivity, and compassion”.

ecoDesign is divided into seven sections: Furniture, Lighting, Appliances, Textiles and Fashion, Transport, Leisure and Recreation, and Other Domestic Products. Within those seven sections, reader be warned, you are going to experience a design paradigm shift. Imagine benches made from dried grass, pedal powered washing machines, pulped cellulose fiber disposable shoes, solar lawnmowers, biodegradable coffins, a papier mâché pet pod, compostable computer keyboards, and zero emission solar boats —all of these products already exist and are carefully catalogued in ecoDesign.

The thoughtful designer of the 21st century will design with integrity, sensitivity, and compassion.
—Alastair Fuad-Luke

Aside from the great overview of green design history and the hundreds of cool design examples, the book also contains an extensive resource section listing all the designers, manufacturers, and a good-sized Green Organizations’ section. ecoDesign is an important contribution to the eco-design movement. This book will appeal to everyone from the ecophiliac to the experienced designer.

Another bonus to buying this great green design book is that each time you purchase a copy, the publisher, in conjunction with Eco –Libris, will plant a tree. It doesn’t get much greener than this!

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Publisher: Chronicle Books
352 Pages

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