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Why are we here? What really matters? Does God care about the Earth? If you ever find yourself asking these big questions then The Green Bible is for you.

The Green Bible is the well-known New Revised Standard Edition Bible with significant eco-passages highlighted and includes essays by a number of prominent spiritual leaders and environmentalists, including Pope John Paul II, Barbara Brown Taylor, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. The Green Bible also includes an extensive resource guide to help individuals find organizations to partner with in caring for creation.

Using the familiar ‘red-letter edition’ style, where Jesus-direct statements are highlighted in red, The Green Bible introduces the ‘green-letter edition’ where references to the earth are highlighted in green. With more than a thousand references to the earth, compared to 490 references to heaven and 530 references to love, the Bible carries a powerful message about caring for nature, animals, and humanity. “As God cares for all of creations, so too we cannot love creation without caring for the others. We are called to care for all God has made,” explains The Green Bible.

“The bible is hardly a minor contributor on writings about caring for creation. In fact, the Bible turns out to be a powerful ecological handbook on how to live rightly on earth,” explains Calvin B. DeWitt. “Appreciation leads to stewardship. Stewardship takes us beyond appreciation to restoration.”

It is enlightening to read the Bible with the environmental passages highlighted. The Green Bible allows the reader to see just how interwoven the love of creation, nature, animals and each other, is so intrinsically part of the Christian Bible. You have to ask yourself though, with so much emphasis on loving the earth in the Good Book, why did so many Christians, religious leaders and theological scholars miss the single most prominent message in the Bible?

A must have for every Christian on the planet. Imagine if the estimated 2.1 billion Christians in God’s Army decided to switch from destroying the Earth to saving the World, we might just have a very good chance at avoiding environmental Armageddon.

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Publisher: Harper Collins
1312 Pages

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