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Cap and Trade Explained

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The Story of Cap & Trade.

Annie Leonard, creator of the viral hit The Story of Stuff (more than 8 million hits worldwide), has another hot new video available online, in conjunction with Free Range StudiosThe Story of Cap & Trade.

With a fair amount of confusion in the public domain about the significance of a Cap & Trade system, Leonard’s 9-minute cartoon video is a good overview of the proposed leading climate change solution under consideration in Copenhagen and by the USA. Her humorous video explores some little understood aspects of Cap & Trade including free permits to big polluters, fake carbon offsets and, most importantly, distraction from the significant tasks at hand in tackling the climate crisis.

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“We’re releasing the film now, in the run-up to Copenhagen, to ensure that Americans and others clearly understand the solutions on the table and to inspire them to push our leaders for real solutions to climate change,” said Annie Leonard, Director of the Story of Stuff Project.

The Story of Cap & Trade is the first in a series of six short films the Story of Stuff Project is releasing over the coming year with Free Range Studios and more than a dozen of the world’s leading sustainability organizations.

Visit: http://storyofstuff.com/capandtrade/