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Orgasmic Birth

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Not many women would describe giving birth as a sensual, sexual, blissful, transformative or exquisite experience. Yet, it is possible to have a birthing process that is completely different than the screaming, agonizing, tortured women so commonly depicted and normalized in North American society.

Orgasmic Birth is a documentary look at ecstatic or orgasmic birth where women give birth in a caring, serene environment with loving touch and even a few orgasms. “That birth is a sexual experience is probably the best kept secret,” explains midwife Elizabeth Davis.

In many societies around the world, women’s bodies have become completely mechanized during the birthing experience with hospital monitors, epidurals, forceps, vacuums, bright lights, IVs, drugs to speed up contractions, indifferent attending physicians and nurses and, in the USA, some of the highest rates of cesarean sections in the world.

Filmmaker Debra Pascali-Bonaro contrasts multiple blissful births that women can enjoy with births women can barely endure, remember or even feel. Pascali-Bonaro challenges common preconceptions while inviting viewers to witness the safest, easiest, and most pleasurable way to give birth.

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The documentary follows the journey of several couples demonstrating how blissful birth can be when the mother is surrounded by a supportive family, a patient caregiver (midwife, doctor or nurses), and an environment that allows her body to do whatever is needed to ensure a safe, serene birth. The results are moving experiences of women giving birth naturally and ecstatically.

Interviews with experts explain how the birthing process has become a medical procedure rather than a natural process. Doulas, doctors, midwives, gynecologists, anthropologists, neonatologists, nurses and Lamaze educators all confirm that there is something wrong with the current practice of disconnecting birth from a woman’s body and explain that things can be done differently.

“With 4.3 million babies born in the U.S. each year it’s time to reexamine what we’ve been told and look to what is possible,” says director Debra Pascali-Bonaro, a renowned childbirth educator and doula, who witnessed so many ecstatic births she was inspired to begin filming them. “If you don’t know all your options then you don’t have any. Orgasmic Birth will strip away your fears and reveal how to create a powerful and transformative experience. It is time to reclaim this sacred event.”

Orgasmic Birth encourages women around the world to readjust their birthing experience from mechanized to sacred and, at times, even sensual. A fascinating must see film for every woman who is considering giving birth.

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