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Thought influences water. An interview with Dr. Emoto

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Dr. Masaru Emoto is a Japanese scientist who believes our thoughts influence the molecular structure of water. He is gently and relentlessly, promoting love for water around the world.

In 1999 he published the world-renowned Messages in Water and in 2001 The True Power of Water. Dr. Emoto’s work with water is nothing short of revolutionary. Using a magnetic resonance analysis technology (a sort of microscope in a very cold room) he has photographed water molecules from various holy waters around the world and has tested the effect of our thoughts, words and actions on the molecular structure of water.

The results are riveting. The words love and peace create magnificent water molecules similar to snowflakes whereas speaking the words war and hate to the water creates distorted, broken looking molecules. The water of the Ganges in India produces sacred crystals. Compare this to the monsterous looking crystals from the polluted Yodo river in Osaka, Japan.

We asked Dr. Emoto a few questions about his fascination with water and what water means for the world.

How did you get started working with water?
In the beginning, I started it with the intention of founding a business. Yet when I published “Messages from Water” six years ago, I was surprised at the response from it and felt that this is going to be revolutionary.

How has the public responded to your lectures/books/teachings?
Everyone is resonating to my books and seminars and is expressing their feelings honestly.

How can we implement the findings of your work into our daily lives?
To honestly hold the feelings of love, gratitude and respect towards water. [To understand] that every phenomenon is created by human consciousness.

Can we abolish evil with prayer and positive thinking?
It is possible; however, it's a numbers game.

How much does negativity affect our surroundings?
It is the basis of all diseases, crime, war and natural disasters.

How can a better connection with water help us in our lives?
The above negative effects can be eradicated.

Do negative thoughts create physical manifestations?
Yes, it can eventually lead to destruction.

What do you wish for the world?
To hold the feeling of love and gratitude always toward water. To send positive and forward thinking vibration at all times and to yearn for beauty.

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The interview with Dr. Emoto was translated by his son, Hiro Emoto.