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Time To Eat The Dog Book Cover. In a bid to save the planet, two University of Victoria, New Zealand professors are encouraging people to think about the ecological footprints of our animal companions via a provocatively titled new book – Time to Eat the Dog.

In their new book, Time to Eat the Dog: The Real Guide to Sustainable Living authors Robert and Brenda Vale, make the case that dog companions have more of an environmental impact than driving a big car. In fact, according to their international headline making findings, feeding a pet dog (roughly the size of a German Shepherd), has twice the environmental impact of driving a 4.6-litre Toyota Land Cruiser 10,000kms (6,213 miles) a year.

Throughout the book the authors compare the carbon ‘paw prints’ of various types of popular animal companions to the environmental impact of driving different types of vehicles or using typical household appliances.

Their findings are not going to be very popular with pet lovers, but their facts and statistical evidence is hard to ignore.

The writers, often described as ‘kill-joys’ (we prefer to think of them as realists), describe the environmental footprint of everything from golf to funerals in a quest to help people understand the true meaning of sustainability.

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