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Solar Powered Avatar

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Carbon Neutral Avatar.

Future Avatar movies are going to be solar powered, carbon-neutral and support green charities with monies made from the film screenings. James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment production company is to be located at the MBS Media Campus (previously Manhattan Beach Studios).

The 115,000sq.ft (sq.m) soundstage and office space is on a 22-acre (10,680sq.m) campus, and will be Cameron’s work place for the next offering of Avatar movies. Cameron’s future Avatar movies will all be carbon-neutral, with new production facilities that will include water conservation, eco-friendly paints and cleaning products, a sustainable café, green oriented craft services and an employee green transportation program also being supported. The director is leasing the new building but is also paying US$5M (€3.4M) for roof mounted solar panels, an employee gym and a private screening room.

A percentage of the proceeds from the next two Avatar movies will also be donated to green charities. Considering Avatar grossed US2.7billion (€1.85billion), there could be some serious money available for some deserving causes in the not-so-distant-future. Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 are due to be released winter 2014 and 2015.

Via MovieWeb & Ecorazzi