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Frito-Lay Bags Upcycled

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Frito-Lay, one of America’s largest producers of potato and taco chips and snacks, has teamed up with TerraCycle, to upcycle their snack food packaging into purses, pencil cases and tote bags.

The two companies have organized ‘Chip Bag Brigades’ where consumers and community groups earn money by collecting used Frito-Lay packaging.

TerraCycle has engaged more than 150,000 people with a goal to divert more than 5 million bags from landfills. Initially, 1,000 collection sites were created and more are expected to be added during the year.  For every bag a brigade collects and sends to TerraCycle, Frito-Lay will donate two cents to their charity of choice. Currently, TerraCycle is accepting applicants for their Chip Bag Brigades’ waiting list.

is the pioneering new eco-company founded by Princeton University drop-out Tom Szaky. The company was founded with the intention of building an eco-capitalist business built entirely on waste. TerraCycle’s eco-friendly products include drink box bags, cookie wrapper notebooks, pencils made from newspaper and e-waste trashcans.

Visit: http://www.terracycle.net/