What we are all about…

GreenMuze.com represents a new breed of environmental website. Part news agency, part magazine, part advocacy group, and unquestionably idealistic —our website moves beyond the familiar tried and true. We offer a sophisticated online setting for intelligent, innovative thinkers who appreciate reading the latest in green news, information and product reviews in a sexy, well-designed atmosphere.

At GreenMuze.com we regularly post the latest in environmental news, film and book reviews, green jobs, and hopefully, we also provide a dash of inspiration to encourage our site visitors to get involved in the rapidly growing environmental revolution. Yes, we said the R word!

When we talk of revolution – we talk of a world where we are all awake and present instead of unhappy and asleep.

Revolution time

When we talk of revolution – we talk of a world where we are all awake and present instead of unhappy and asleep. For us, it is not just about refusing plastic bags or driving an EV, rather we also advocate for finding ways to heal our disconnected relationships with the planet, animals and each other.

We really need to toss around ideas, argue, confront, question, query, riot, celebrate, sing, make love and dance (There must be dancing at the revolution…). We offer GreenMuze.com, not as a space with all the answers, but as part of the dialogue, inciting free, furious, rebellious, jubilant discourse. Everyone is welcome, no question is too stupid and every opinion valued.

Our community

Our team is comprised of an international group of environmental activists and educators dedicated to raising awareness about the state of the planet. We also have a slew of eco-geeks, enviro-journalists, outdoor photographers and green engineers working with us to keep GreenMuze.com as hip and interesting as possible. Our community is constantly growing and evolving.

Let him that would move the world, first move himself.

Walking the walk

GreenMuze will be run as a carbon neutral project. In September 2008, we will calculate how many computer hours (and any car trips) it took to create Greenmuze.com and purchase carbon offsets with Native Energy and green energy certificates with Green-e. Our web server is HostGator a company that offers carbon neutral web hosting. We are also a green certified site with CO2Stats. Our goal is to continue to run GreenMuze.com as a carbon neutral project by purchasing carbon offsets four times a year to offset any electricity and/or other non-renewable resources we are using.

We implement a zero waste policy at Greenmuze.com — every item used at our office is recycled, nothing goes in the garbage. We use recycled, Forest Certified Stewardship paper for printing and mailing, cornstarch biodegradable pens for the odd bit of writing we do, we refill our computer cartridges and we use LED lights in our office space. Every business on the planet, big or small, can operate a sustainable business. It takes a bit of effort and ingenuity in the beginning, but the savings — for the planet and pocket book — are well worth the extra effort. We find inspiration in Socrates’ words: “Let him that would move the world, first move himself”. (Although we would have preferred a more gender inclusive pronoun.)

Sharing the green

If we should one day start to make any money, 10% of our after-tax proceeds will be donated to organizations working to help the environment — from alternative energy education organizations to individuals helping the homeless find green shelter to groups committed to reducing animal suffering to activists who blow up logging trucks and need some help to pay their legal bills. We don’t have any greenbacks yet as we used our savings from our square jobs to pay for the creation of the site and to keep it running for a year, but as soon as we get some cash we just can’t wait to start spreading the green goodwill.

Questions? Comments? Just want to chat? Dance? Drop us a line…