The ‘Vax ev’ vacuum cleaner, made from recycled cardboard and recyclable plastic, is the brainchild of Loughborough University student, Jake Tyler, and was designed for UK vacuum manufacturer Vax.

The ubiquitous vacuum cleaner got a redesign to provide a sustainable product using recycled corrugated cardboard body panels and recyclable materials that otherwise would end up in a landfill. If damaged and in need of replacement, the cardboard parts are only a tenth the price of plastic ones. Also, in a master stroke of design and utility, the cardboard body panels are also the retail box that contains the other plastic vacuum parts, and everything is put together without glue. They are also flame retardant and can be customized with colored pens and pencils.

The plastic components are made from recyclable, pure nylon plastic using rapid prototyping manufacture, rather than injection moulding, so local production is possible rather than having to ship parts a long distance.

Via Vax Press Release