Melting Snowmen Cookies

These very sweet (but not very green) Melting Snowmen Cookies come courtesy of the Crazy Domestic website. The two stay at home moms who run the site have graciously provided full DIY instructions on their blog on how to make these fun seasonal treats.

Our tip to make the cookies a tad greener, tastier and easier on the planet includes switching all the ingredients to organic products and the sugar to Fair Trade. The result – Green Organic Melting Snowmen Cookies!

Via CrazyDomestic

December 26, 2011

Largest Cardboard Christmas Tree

The Design Museum London is currently home to the world’s largest cardboard Christmas tree, created by cardboard design-guru Giles Miller.

Miller’s 20ft (6m) tall tree used 3,600 individually shaped cardboard pieces. Miniature versions standing 31.5inches (0.8m) and 16.5inches (0.42m) are available for more vertically challenged Christmas tree homes.


Via DesignBuzz


December 21, 2011

X-Ray Christmas Tree & Presents

UK-based artist Nick Veasey is rather obsessed with x-raying common, everyday objects. The latest objects to be subjected to the rays from his giant x-ray machine, naturally with a seasonal theme, include a holiday tree and wrapped gifts.

“It’s probably every child’s dream to be able to have X-ray vision and see inside the presents before the big day,” Veasey explained to the Daily Mail as the genesis behind his project.


Via HeraldSun

December 20, 2011

Recycled Plastic Bottle Xmas Tree

Lithuanian artist Jolanta Šmidtienė created this year’s Kaunas City Christmas Tree built entirely from 40,000 recycled plastic green bottles and zip ties.

For the third year running, the city has created an enormous tree (this years measures over 13m or 42.7ft tall) for the community’s centre square.

Via Recyclart

December 10, 2011