Living Plant Chandeliers

Canada-based design firm Bocci has created these super funky living chandeliers.

Comprised of blown glass, designer Omer Arbel created the ’38 Series’ using a random mixing of forms and shapes, with the addition of different plant species to produce an innovative light sculpture that brings greenery into every room.

April 8, 2012

Objet-O Privacy Chairs

Designer Song Seung-Yong re-invents the chair with his Objet-O Chair, which comes complete with an oversize lampshade and a light to create privacy in an increasingly “un-private” world.

Traditional Korean paper is used for the lampshade, but it is unclear how effective that would be at keeping out noise and the unwanted attention of your fellow human beings, especially as populations continue to increase and move to the cities. Finding a quiet place is increasingly difficult in urban environments so Seung-Yong’s chair might come in useful, particularly in busy offices.

“This is not a study of shape and function system, but a process of study which can draw out the communication between objects and human beings,” explains the artist. “I have memories that I made a den somewhere in my house as a child. My own secret space at the moment which was comfortable and protected, better than a huge mansion…”

January 12, 2012

Robot Vacuum Alarm Clock

Seoul-based designer Jeongmi Lee designed a domestic robot that pulls the duvet off your bed in the morning, vacuums the floor and then leaves a poo on the floor, a bit like a little puppy.

Lee wanted to design a home appliance that was not as boring as the usual microwave, or vacuum cleaner. So he designed the robotic vacuum cleaner to be a little more innovative and interactive in its behavior.

January 2, 2012

Cardboard Vacuum Cleaner

The ‘Vax ev’ vacuum cleaner, made from recycled cardboard and recyclable plastic, is the brainchild of Loughborough University student, Jake Tyler, and was designed for UK vacuum manufacturer Vax.

The ubiquitous vacuum cleaner got a redesign to provide a sustainable product using recycled corrugated cardboard body panels and recyclable materials that otherwise would end up in a landfill. If damaged and in need of replacement, the cardboard parts are only a tenth the price of plastic ones. Also, in a master stroke of design and utility, the cardboard body panels are also the retail box that contains the other plastic vacuum parts, and everything is put together without glue. They are also flame retardant and can be customized with colored pens and pencils.

The plastic components are made from recyclable, pure nylon plastic using rapid prototyping manufacture, rather than injection moulding, so local production is possible rather than having to ship parts a long distance.

Via Vax Press Release

November 30, 2011

Plantini Growing Kit Houses

Grow your plants in the style in which they should be accustomed to with these stunning self assembly steel etched, 100% recycled paperboard and biodegradable bamboo planters.

Created by Another Studio For Design, in collaboration with Scotland-based Finch & Fouracre, the Plantini Growing Kit Houses stand 9.5cm (3.74inch) high. The planters come complete with instructions, a removable canopy for watering, and glass panes to allow the sunlight to pass through, plus a rice hull planting pot and viola seeds.

Best of all, the Plantini Growing Kit Houses arrive flat-packed and only has four simple components to assembly. They are suitable for flowers, herbs or some easy to grow veggies.


Via Trendhunter

November 18, 2011

Colorful Bike Tables

Nothing says you love to cycle more than adding one of these colorful, fun and fabulous Fixie Tables to your eco-friendly home.

Designed by Los Angeles-based Pure Fix Cycles, the custom-made tables feature bright neon colours, and come complete with three wheels/urban forks, plus a 42-inch (1.07m) glass top.


Via Core 77

November 18, 2011