Are you moving office building or moving home? We know that removal companies are not traditionally known for their low impact on the environment. When you see those fleets of big trucks and think about all the gas they must use each day, it is easy to assume they are slowly and surely destroying the planet. Put those notions out of your head, as it’s a new era of green-friendly businesses. That goes for your local movers too. Of course, not all of them have changed to more eco-friendly practices. So, where can you start when looking to hire a green company for your home removals needs?

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

It is your right as a consumer to ask questions until you are satisfied that the job will be done to meet your needs. You will be spending hard-earned cash hiring a home removals company such as Brilliance Removalists Melbourne, so it is only fair to get what you want. And if that means hiring people who take the time and effort to show care for the planet we live on, then there is nothing wrong with that. The first step is finding a company that is fully certified. You should then be able to access their records to see if they have violated any safety laws or carried out any activity that is harmful to the environment.

Here are some questions that you should consider asking home removal companies when you’re getting quotes:

  • Can you offer me reusable, eco-friendly moving boxes instead of cardboard?
  • Do you have any policies about recycling? If so, do you recycle materials that are no longer wanted after the move, instead of throwing them away?
  • Will you choose driving routes that will reduce your emissions?
  • Are your moving vehicles converted to run on environmentally friendly fuel?
  • Do you sub-contract to other companies that use less green methods and products?
  • Do you have a policy about your environmentally-safe policies that is publically available?
  • Can the move be done in one trip? (If not, maybe you should find a company that offers larger trucks, especially if there aren’t any vehicles that use green fuel available in your area.)

Fulfil Your Side of the Arrangement

It can be easy to expect the world from your moving company, especially if they are focused on being progressive and efficient. But there are things that you should take care of on your side of the deal too.

  • Complete all packing before the day of the move. If you’re going to hire moving experts to come and transport your possessions, it’s just a waste of your money and their time if you have them standing around while you pack, or even helping to move all your smaller possessions into boxes. Get your act together well ahead of the moving date, so that you are not spending extra money and wasting everyone’s time.
  • Be helpful but also stay out of their way. You might want to get things done as quickly as possible, which probably means helping to move some of your smaller boxes yourself. That is generally fine, but you should be careful to stay out of their way and keep any children or pets away. This can be a safety issue as well.
  • When the truck gets out on the road, do you plan to drive along with them in your car? Don’t slow them down by taking your time or getting yourself lost. Let the truck driver do their job by going directly to your new home as efficiently as possible.